What is OOH advertising?

OOH (out-of-home) is a dynamic mix of billboards, digital displays, transit, street furniture (shelters, benches), cinema, and place-based media that surround and immerse consumers during the 70 percent of the day they spend away from home. 

Why OOH works

OOH works because it’s the most efficient and effective way to make a big, memorable impact wherever consumers are. And while audiences for other advertising media are fragmenting, OOH audiences are increasing. 

Who uses OOH advertising?

More than 70 percent of outdoor ads promote local businesses, ranging from banking to home services, to education, entertainment and automotive.  National categories like media, fashion, travel and packaged goods are heavy users too. 

Who will design and print my ad?

You have a choice of providing your own artwork or of working with one of our skilled designers to create your ad - at no charge or a very small fee.  We work directly with  the best large format printers to insure best pricing and the highest quality presentation of your business. 

How much does OOH cost?

Hanging Pants Media works with budgets of all sizes and advertising rates vary greatly depending on location, type and number of units and length of program. Many large local and regional advertisers started as a single billboard client and have grown from there.

Why work with Hanging Pants Media?

There are dozens of OOH media options and suppliers in the South Florida market.  We act as your consultant to help determine which type of OOH advertising is best suited to reach your target audience keeping in mind your objectives, goals and budget.